Individual Reader Response Journal

Brianna Kennon

Individual Reader Response Journal


In the book Life as We Knew it,I can relate to the story and the character, from things because of frustration to things like school to being in a very scary disaster where you don't know what's going on. When I first started reading the book I thought that the main character was a little too stressed out about things but then I realized that some of the things that she goes throughout the book, that i've gone through them and  I can relate to the character.

Throughout the story all the characters especially, mom and miranda, are very scared but they don't seem to show it. All of the characters get used to not having electricity, power, or even fresh food.Miranda gets used to eating less and less so they her and her family can save up food. Johnny and miranda adapt to not being able to see if their favorite people are okay, Branndon and Jonny’s favorite baseball team.

If I were going through the same things that the characters in the book are going through then i think that i would be more worried about my family, and more stressed about what may or may not happen. Although that I don't think, that this were to happen unless it was scientifically proven to be happen scientifically. Events like this but not a major happen everyday from terrorist to life threatening natural disasters.

When I first started reading the book I thought two things,that this will be a interesting yet fun book but also, this isn't possible for this to happen but then i looked into and realized that this could actually happen. If I wouldn't have read this book the I wouldn't have known about the possibility of the moon coming towards earth.  

So far i think the book is a great book, Although i think that the main character is a little dumb when it comes down to it. I think that the book is entertaining yet it is a little educational because in the series of events the book makes you ask questions that you possibly never thought of. I can relate to the book in many ways from the amount of craziness to what the characters are going through.  

The End

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