Chapters 1-8

The earth has started to slow down spinning, and each day becomes longer. The human race has gone into a frenzy. This seems like the end of the worl has finally come, and people are freaking out. The doomsday preppers have become experts, the mormons have retreated to Utah, and the world as we know it no longer exists. Every moment seems more valuable than ever before.

The Age of Miracles relates to real life in many ways, including the relativeness to the protagonist. She is portrayed as a normal teenager, watching life flash before her eyes as the world seems to be coming to an end. This fact is somewhat calming to see how she handles the situation. Juliet seems to be adapting pretty well to the scenario, unlike her mother, who seems to be completely losing her mind. Not everyone is freaking out, like her piano teacher, Sylvia, who seems to be doing just fine. Just as a soccer ball spins slower before it finally comes to a stop, the earth is slowing down, and the people of earth are all handling it differently. How would you handle this?

The End

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