Individual Reader Response #2

Brianna Kennon


Individual Reader Response #2

In these chapters, 9-10, the main character goes through ups and downs. I feel like I can relate to her because through this time period in her life she is very emotional, she has people that are constantly leaving her. I've had a few times in my life where it was very hard and emotional and everyone i thought I had a connection with left me high and dry. I can also relate to Miranda because she is very strong and she knows that her family is going through things when she really has it great. Miranda gets used to not having a hot and ready meal everyday 24/7 she inhabitants only using so much battery light to save up energy.

If I would have been maranda in the story then I think that I would have been more reasonable with my mom and her rules.I feel like miranda takes what her mother has done and sacrificed for them for granted. Maranda still seems like the kind of kid that, if something doesn't go her way then it shouldn't go at all.  During this part of the book, I can see how and why Miranda is the way she is  but this part of the book is so frustrating.

In this part of the boom megan is not eating very much but she's doing it because she believes that God is wanting her to eat but she just wants to die. I don't believe that Megan should be doing this to herself because if God wanted her to die then she would already be dead. Megan should be eating the proper amount of food, it's not healthy.Not only do I think that's a problem in the book but everywhere in our world there are people that are starving themselves because they believe that right… I do not.

This part of the book made me a little confused about how aranda was feeling because of how maranda feels. I thought that these chapters were confusing I thought that it was entertaining because of the way that the writer made the readers feel along with the way she made Maranda feel.

The End

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