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She ran down the gloomy alleyway, her curtain of dark hair whipping in the rushing wind. Dustbins lay in her path, dodging them with an inhuman ease she increased her pace. She craned her neck, the huge dark figure followed her every move. Its indigo eyes glowed in the misty darkness. The true horror of the situation pounded against her thoughts. She was all alone. Helplessly, she cried out for someone, anyone, she didn’t care she just wanted this nightmare to be over. Twisting her head, she searched through the alleyways for life, for any sign of normality, nothing.

She screamed with terror as it leaped, trapping her in its deadly embrace. She fell. Its sharp claws ripped through her flesh. Pulling it off her back, she scrambled to her feet. She stood still, petrified and watched the crimson blood dripping off the monster. The shape boomed with malevolent laughter, and its eyes sparkled with immorality glee. It was dark; she could barely see where she was going. It struck again. Her heartbeat increased rapidly, fear and panic sprung through her mind clouding her sense of reality, she shook her head as dark thoughts whirled through her mind, but she wouldn’t give up. Even though her arms and legs were all numb with pain, she ran out into the orange light of the street lamps. Her body throbbing, but she could hear laughing. It gave her hope, she twisted her head to try and locate the noise. She tripped and began to fall. Strong hands caught her, and a distinctive sense of warmth enveloped her body. With the last of her strength she gazed up into the deep, safe blue eyes. She felt his warm breath on the tip of her ear. “Indigo.” she gasped, still holding his gaze it felt as if she was drowning, and his eyes were the only things keeping her afloat.

Then there was only darkness.

The End

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