The pigs.Mature

Amy was first to hear them. That shut her up; the unmistakable; terrifying, distant sound of sirens wailing towards them. She abruptly stood up. Started fixing the tables and told Tom casually the word they had agreed on.

            “Step it up Tom” Amy said, with a wink. With that Tom replied

            “FINE then.” He replied and stormed off with the backpack.

            Amy carried on fixing the tables, again, visibly shaking. She eventually fixed all the tables back to the right place, went inside and apologised to the accountant for Toms behaviour, offered to pay for a replacement advert kindly, and also offered for no mention to the police.

            “What’s it to me?” The woman behind the counter asked “You could’ve damaged something really badly…”

“If you’re not willing to do it for free I have something…” Into the accountants hand Amy pushed a large amount of crisp bank notes- maybe more than £500 worth. The accountant liked the power holding this money gave her.

“And what if I take this and still report you…?” The woman asked suspiciously. Amy leaned in and beckoned her closer, when close enough she grabbed the woman by the collar and whispered menacingly

“Then I will get my boys, and wait till one dark night when you are walking home, and pop some pretty silver bullets in that fucked up face of yours. And then I will take my money. And use it so the police will be none the wiser. Got it?”

“Yes.” The Lady replied- with no eye contact.

And on that note the police arrived, and Amy casually slipped off and started walking.

“Whats going on?” she asked an officer, innocently.

“Don’t worry ma’am. Be on your way.” Was the reply

“Alrighty then” Amy walked off, and after a very indirect route where she was carefull noone followed her, she ended up back at Tom’s flat. Spacer was cutting the powder again.

“Lost them baby?” Tom asked, with a kiss.

“yep ;)”

“I knew you would” he answered, and pulled her closer and kissed her.

“Tom.” She pulled away. “About this baby…”

The End

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