The fight.Mature

Grabbing a bag and an apple, Amy set off on a walk to the café on the themes. Passing some wolf-whistling drunks she eventually got there. She was noticeably shaking.

            She grabbed a milkshake from the counter, and waited for Tom. After less than a minute he appeared at the end of the street. A large shadowed figure. He was carrying the unmistakable backpack.

            “Look Tom…” Amy begun, after being greeted by a warm embrace and a kiss. “I need to tell you something. Make sure you are ready…”

            “I will always be ready for you…” Tom replied, kindness filled his ice blue eyes, a kindness that was soon lost after Amy explained that she had forgotten to take the pill.

            “YOU WHAT.” Tom replied. Rubbing his face. He suddenly got up, and through the table over, Amy cowered in her seat as his face was contorted into anger.

            “YOU STUPID BITCH! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO TAKE THE FUCKING PILL!” Tom was overcome by anger. What can only be described as an almost inaudiable stream of swearwords poured out of his mouth; Amy winced as if each of his swear words had sliced through her.

            “I thought you might be happy…” Amy whispered, tears welling up in her eyes, a lump creeping up her throat, the way he had reacted in Amy’s head was a lot different…

            “HAPPY?! FUCKING HAPPY?!” Tom exclaimed. “Tell me Amy. What’s fucking HAPPY, about paying for a FUCKING child to grow up in this FUCKED up life!?” Tom was acting insanely now…

            “It’s a child? It can’t be all bad. I have always wanted a child…” Amy stammered back

“ALWAYS WANTED A CHILD?! YOUR FUCKING NINETEEN FOR FUCKS SAKE.” Tom spun round and smacked a few plastic chairs out of the way. The other diners at the café had left. It was just them.

            “Tom. Tom. Calm down alright? We need to talk about what we will be doing with it. My dad said he is willing to support me…”

            “Oh yeh, bring daddy in, as FUCKING usual. Fucking spoilt BITCH.”

            “DON’T CALL ME A FUCKING SPOILT BITCH. YOU’RE the SPOILT one. Your not accepting ANY responsibility for this. It’s your FUCKING baby FOR FUCKS SAKE. If you had been wearing condoms it wouldn’t MATTER.”

            “If I had been wearing-!? OH FOR FUCKS SAKE. I didn’t wear the condoms coz I thought I didn’t NEED to. Coz YOU had said YOU were taking the pill!”

            “Either way this was NOT an accident. I had thought this through and would appreciate it if people didn’t smoke around me. I will not be smoking or drinking either…” Amy was quieter now. After a deep breath she composed herself more for the onslaught of abuse.

            “Okay…” Tom was scarily quiet. His eyes were intense. Suddenly the anger flashed back.

            “So your taking away my freedom, and taking away my FUCKING business!”

            “Shhh… Your ‘fucking’ business involves mainly snorting, hardly any smoking. Snorting is okay.”

            “You’d better get FUCKING used to saying that. Because in this fucked up world snorting cocaine is all our fucked up child is gunna do! He’ll be like us. Smoking at 13. Snorting at 14. Injecting by 15. FUCKED.” Tom took another violent kick at the ice cream advertisement, sending it crashing into the Themes. Amy did not seemed phased by these acts of violence.

            “He? I’m pretty sure our baby is a girl. I can feel it. And I am not having our child go the same way as us. She needs a proper education.”

            “Listen to you. ‘oh I’m sure my baby is a girl, I can FEEL it’ how the FUCK do you know?! It’s probably the size of a fingernail. It doesn’t even HAVE any genitals!” Tom replied. Fury still hot on his face.

            I could feel the anger recede out of Amy, and as she looked at Tom; standing in the middle of a wrecked café, anger brimming, talking about baby’s genitals.

            And with that, Amy smiled, the smile grew to a chuckle, and within seconds she was howling with laughter, and soon after Amy’s first chuckle seeped out of her mouth, Toms hard exterior cracked, and a small giggle escaped him, a few minutes later there they were. In the middle of a wrecked café, laughing as hard as they had ever laughed. Their laughter was short lived.

The End

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