The shock.Mature

Now the rest of the day carried on in the same manor. And, as I watched on with them unaware, I began to get more of a feel for what their personalities were. Funny things humans, they are creatures of extremities. Two people can be very happy together, when in the same room someone is feeling very upset. The thing that intrigued me most about Amy, was the fact that she was keeping something hidden from Tom. As I had no familiarality with human emotions, I did not understand what this was, but I knew it couldn’t be long until she told him.

Soon after smoking something with a sickly sweet smell, with an undertone of bitter, I detected a change of mood in Amy, and her eyes turned a faint bloodshot colour. She went inside and brought a lot of food upstairs. Where she just sat, ate, laughed and smiled. This stuff she was smoking did her good. Soon she went to bed feeling nicely mellow.

The next morning she awoke with a start, sprinting to the bathroom she violently threw up. With vomit streaming from her mouth tears began to streak down her cheeks. As she silently shuddered she collapsed against the wall. No-one else was in the house, no-one else to hear her howl and scream to herself. Tears were flowing readily, creating familiar tracks. Amy clutched her legs and slowly curled in on herself, she looked so young and voulnrable; she silently rocked backwards and forwards.

Eventually she got herself together, put on a baggy t-shirt, some jeans and went to the shop. I followed her from a distance. I was still not quite comfortable with being close to her. She soon arrived at a pharmacy. The bell rung loudly as she walked in, and sleepily grabbed 3 packets of something. As she handed them over the Pharmacist looked at her with suspicious eyes. But nothing was the product of her suspicion, and with one final hostile look from the pharmacist, Amy carried on her way. The bell marked Amy’s absence from the shop.

When Amy got back to her house, she drank a whole carton of orange juice, waited about 20 minutes and then went upstairs and back to the toilets. I thought it rude for me to follow her in- just respecting general human rules. However I have to say that my intuition pushed me to read what was on the box’s she purchased. The box read “PREGNANCY TEST”. I was shocked, if I could recoil in a gasp I would. So THIS was what she had been hiding!

After about 5 minutes, I heard a quiet noise, as I eased myself through the door there she was. Crouched up in a ball, against the wall, tightly clutching the pregnancy test, which now read a little pink cross. She was a mess. Shaking her head, tears streaming. Her once blue hair now black and stuck together with salty tears. Who could know that one pink cross could bring such distruction.

Amy stayed that way for a good few hours, eventually though, the bawling lulled to a sobbing, the sobbing lulled to a snuffling, and finally the sniffing lulled to a silence- now passive to everything. She heard the car pull up in the driveway. She heard the key turn in the door. She heard the people chattering excitedly. She heard her name being called. She heard someone come up the stairs. She heard someone check in her room. She heard the door of the bathroom creak open. And she heard someone sit down next to her. Amy did not move. She just stared at the tiny pink cross she was holding in her hands.

“Oh dear.” Ian sighed. “Amy. Darling. Have you thought about what this could mean…?”

“…” Amy looked into Ian’s kind eyes, befallen with worry.

“Are you sure you and Tom are ready for… well I have always said that I would support you no matter what. And I suppose I mean it. But you have to promise me you have thought this through. It is not fair on the baby to be brought up in an unplanned environment. Are you sure?”

“Yes. At least I thought I was. Tom doesn’t know.” Amy replied in what can only be described as a barely audiable hiss of air.

“Well… I suggest you tell him straight away. Do you want me to come with you? To his house?” Ian asked. Hold on. House? There it was again, the feeling radiating from Amy, the feeling she was hiding something.

“No it’s fine thanks Dad. I need to do this alone. Just give me time”

Amy got up, helped by her Dad, and walked back to her room. She flopped on her bed and checked her phone. 6 missed calls; 9 new messages; all calls from Tom, 8 messages from Tom.

Amy texted back: “Babe, I’ve got some news. Promise me you won’t be mad. We need to talk ASAP. X Love you xxx” Within a second she got a reply, “meet at our café x love you xxx”

The End

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