The dealMature

 After a 15 minute walk Tom walked down an ally way. There was a distant cry of a baby and Tom shivered as the cool March breeze blew against his skin. A man in a hoody who’s face I could not see emerged out of the shadows.
 “Tom.” He rasped.
 “Shh… I got it. Strong shit. Now where’s my money?” Tom replied, he was on edge, I could feel it radiating from him. His voice was hushed and his sentences spoken quickly.
 “calm down, I got it, I got it.” The hoody rasped. And when he handed Tom the wad of cash Tom exchanged the white bricks. Counting it he counted way over £100.
 “Always know I can trust you.” Tom stated, nodding in approval at the cash.
 “Yeah well times are hard. You might need to lower your prices.”
 “Nah. People get hooked on this shit. They do crazy things 2 get money. Anyway, I need to get back to Amy” Tom replied, very hastily, and as he started walking away he heard the unmistakable sound of a knife being drawn.
 “Oh no you don’t…” Tom whispered under his breath. He waited a few seconds, counting the Hoody’s steps, and with one fluid movement he spun round, grabbed the knife from his hand and stabbed the mans knee. Once just under each knee cap. The Hoody fell to the ground with a cry, clutching his bloody knees with his hands.
 “Don’t mess with me.” Tom snarled, his ice blue eyes utterly cold with hatred. He wiped the knife, set fire to a nearby bin and threw it in- no fingerprints. “Any shit from you, and you know I’ll get the crew on you.” Tom threatened to the Hoody, now dissabilitated. His hoody now soaked in blood, lying in his own pool, the hoody could not even summon enough breath to speak.
 After another short walk back Tom entered the flat, and Amy ran up and passionately kissed him again.
“Tom?” she asked. “Why are your jeans covered in blood?” She stuttered…
“Buisness baby…” he replied “nothing to worry about” He ended the subject with a kiss. As if to close the matter. “Did you take the pill this morning?” He asked.
“Erm, well, yeah.” She replied. Without any eye contact.
“Good” he replied, and with a kiss to depart Tom gave Amy a lift back to her house.
As the car pulled up to Amy’s house I could not believe my eyes. Her house was huge. When she came in Ian greeted her with a hug
“Back early?” he questioned. There was a silence whilst Amy grabbed an apple and took a bite, the only sound disrupting the silence was the quiet crunching of her eating and the faint sound of the children playing outside.
“Tom had to work” She replied. Which, technically, was not a lie.
“Oh, another day at the office?” Ian questioned further. Why had she not told Ian about Tom?
“…Yeah something like that…” she mumbled into her apple.

The End

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