Indifference is a story about a girl called Amy who lives in the east end of London. Her boyfriend is a drug dealer, and her life quickly falls to peices. The story is told from the perspective of a wandering spirit, who observes Amy's world in a child like way.
Very interesting read. My first proper thing.

Indifference. We all roll through life casually with a sense of indifference. Indifference can save, help, and destroy lives. When we think about it, indifference is a wonderful thing. There is no opposite of indifference. There is no counterpart. Indifference just is what it is. In a way it is slightly like me.
 As the clouds rolled by on a dull march day, I watched a young girl and her brother step onto a train. The young girl was a lovely blonde girl, roughly 9 years old, she looked at her older brother with shining admiration glistening in her pale green eyes. The brother- about 11 years old, looked very similar, apart from he had a light dusting of freckles that littered his cheeks and gave him a cheeky overture. As they sadly waved goodbye to their mother I was not sure of where they were going. As I had nothing better to do, I followed them, and watched them from a distance.
 There was an air of indifference that surrounded them, what they were doing appeared to be routine. About half an hour into the journey, the older brother got out some sandwiches, and, passing them with a smile, the pair started chewing whilst contemplating something.
 I stood near them, watching. After roughly 5 minutes of eating the brother swallowed his bite and said:
 “What hair colour do you think Amy will have this time?”
 His little sister chewed whilst thinking, before replying
 “I think purple. Or red. I like red.”
 The boy nodded in agreement and went back to looking out the window.
 And that was it. Humans are incredible things. How they can let time slip past so carefree like that. After about an hour of silence and eating the pair got off the train at London. Following them, so did I. I saw the pair step off, carefully look around, before the younger sibling sprinted up to a middle aged looking man in a suit, who was with, I must say, a rather extravagant teenager.
 “DADDY!” The little girl cried.
 “Holly!” the dad replied, before the wind got knocked out of him. As the pair chatted livelily to the father I zoned out. I was more concentrating on the woman. I was guessing this was Amy, and no, Holly was not right about the hair colour.
 Amy had a dark shimmering blue hair colour, it had a red underlayer though, with a few streaks of purple. She looked about 19, and as she received a text, she wandered away from the happy scene. Without telling anyone where she was going.
 Intrigued, I followed her, as she sunk into the shadows she slipped into a fire exit. Now utterly compelled, I kept right on her tail. Eventually she emerged in a side street, and with a quick glance left and right, she texted someone. Less than a minute later a tall blonde man entered the ally way. He was huge, and had to be over 6 ft tall, and he was incredibly handsome. As he embraced her they shared a quick kiss.
 “Do you have the stuff?” The man asked tentitivly.
 “Of course Tom, when have I ever failed you!” Amy replied. Reaching into her bag she pulled out a large brick of white powder. Passing the powder to Tom, he shoved it into an empty rucksack and thanked her. With that the couple departed from ally way and slipped back through the fire exit and re-joined the scene. I don’t think anyone noticed Amy had gone.
 “Oh hey Tom” The middle aged man said, indifferently.
 “Hey.” Tom replied, surveying the man with his ice blue eyes, he was being very cautious.
 Now, at this point I will have to say, this was my first assignment, and I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to be doing. It would be rude of me not to introduce myself. I am a wandering spirit. Or better known to the human race as a guardian angel. I do not know when I died, nor whether I was male of female. No-one knows indifference better than I do. Purely my existence lives on my indifference to all but one human life. The only problem is that you do not get told who your assignment is with. You just know. And I knew that mine was with this extravagant girl. Amy.
 “Erm, Ian? Would you mind if I go back to Toms for a bit? I’ll be back at least by tomorrow?” Amy asked, directly to the middle aged man.
 “Of course, that’s fine!” Ian replied, his wrinkles around his eyes becoming like mini canyons whilst he smiled an infectious grin that spread and lit up his whole face. I could see that he could’ve been quite handsome in his earlier years.
 “Thanks.” Amy replied, and, with interlocking fingers, she strolled off with Tom.
 Now, as I explained before, I knew that I was assigned to Amy, so, because of this, I followed the couple as they sauntered (this time using the proper exit) out of the train station. The couple sat by the Themes, at a small coffee shop. Tom offered to pay for the whole lunch, and after a bit of protesting Amy said that it was fine. And again, they both chewed in silence whilst watching the boats float by. It was finally Tom who interrupted the silence.
 “Amy baby, I love you so much” His ice blue eyes were now filled with care and affection.
 “Awh Tom, darling I love you so much!” she replied, smiling madly at Toms spontaneous act of affection.
 The two got chatting and I zoned out again, being a wandering soul was a strange sensation. You don’t have any other feelings than being intrigued in every day life. Other than that the every emotion you feel is directed at the person you are assigned to. I had not yet got used to that. But I felt a small sense of love radiating from Amy as she talked to Tom.
 Eventually the two got up and Tom left a tip, and as they started a walk down the Themes in a romantic walk, Tom got a phone call.
 “Baby, we have to go back to the flat, I’m so sorry. Is that okay?” Tom asked, a worried look flashed across his face. I could feel Amy’s disappointment.
 “Yeah I suppose.” She replied. Her face had fallen, but other than that she didn’t seem to mind too much.
 Tom quickly got into a black taxi and they drove to a secluded estate in the east end of London. Pulling up to a grotty tower block the couple got out, and, after a short walk and Tom giving a homeless person £2 they reached an unremarkable flat and entered.
 I was not prepared for what was inside. In 2 of the rooms were tall, leafy plants with some sort of special heaters. In the other rooms there was another man, slightly chubby, darker skin, and a more serious look about him. Who was mixing some white powder together.
 “Yo Spacer.” Tom shouted as he opened the door, and threw the brick of white powder at the man who appeared to be Spacer. “Cut this stuff well. We can make it strong” Tom carried on, with a small wink. Spacer grunted and replied,
 “Took your time? Almost shat myself when the pigs came sniffing around the neighbourhood about 10 minutes ago. You NEED to take this shit and sell it.”
 “Yeah, yeah I know, I know.” Tom replied, grabbing a few more bricks of powder and laying them in the rucksack. “Baby, stay here with Spacer for a few minutes. I have some business to sort out…” He carried on packing the bricks into the rucksack.
 “Oh, I suppose if you want me to then-“ Amy’s good will was disrupted by a passionate kiss.
 “I’ll be back in no time” Tom promised, and as Amy watched him disappear out the door she sighed and plonked herself on the sofa in the flat and turned on the TV.
 Now usually, as I said, we wandering souls main emotion is just indifference. However something about Tom struck me as unfamiliar, and therefore intriguing. So after a second of contemplation I ran after Tom, and followed him on the errand he was running.


The End

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