*II*(part two)

I had known Anna for around four years and in that time she had become an important fixture in my life, a friend whom I could totally rely on, she was perfect, kind, loving and just a really, really good friend. As the months and years passed the friendship blossomed...and on my sixteenth birthday, I finally plucked up the courage to ask her to go out with me(the best decision i've ever made) and one of the few questions where I could not predict Anna's answer.

Now to the night of my birthday.

It had been a great day out at the bowling alley with some of my friends(or at least it would have been if I wasn't so preoccupied with the events which were to unfold later that night).

I got back home and sat watching t.v, not really taking in the fast paced F1 racing going on in front of me, my heart was racing much faster, and eventually I stood and went to phone Anna. Just as the doorbell rang.

I opened the door, Anna was standing with a present in her hands. I'm pretty sure the shock was apparent on my face as I questioned what brought her to my doorstep.

"You honestly don't know?" she asked. I smiled, the sound of her sweet voice always made me smile, only one of the amazing traits I had discovered since I met her.

"It might be something to do with my birthday, but I don't want to assume."(Obviously that was the reason).

"You needn't have" I insisted, inviting her in as I set about excavating it from the wrapping paper, which just so happened to be my favourite colour, navy blue. Finally I found the present, as soon as I registered what it was I knew how much though she had put into it, and was so glad she did, I had been searching for the book for weeks, months even and she had gotten it for me. I turned and gazed into her gorgeous ocean blue eyes.

"Thanks, I've been waiting so long for this, and it's so much better coming from you" and I leaned over kissing her on the cheek, leaving a slight look of surprise in my wake.

The next five minutes are a  total blur, I remember inviting her to dinner with me that night and my hands shaking as she contemplated her answer. Then she said "Yes" with such an awesome finality that I couldn't help but feel less nervous.. i also gave her a hug and kiss... but i dont remember saying goodbye... and dont even remember walking up the stairs to prepare for my birthday dinner(hopefully it was going to be the best one so far) my whole body buzzing with excitement.

The End

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