*I*(part 2)

I stood, smiling happily as she gracefully, glided towards me, a gaunt look on her face, (a smile almost seeping through)  she regarded me as though I was just some stranger.

A casual "Good morning" escaped her lips. I quickly replied, mimicking her in both tone and expression.She asked how I was, barely containing my smile, why wouldn't I want to smile in her presence? My face fell.

"I can't help it, i'm totally lovestruck" . She slowly slid to her knees, her beautiful eyes beginning to well up.

I loved these games, every second that she tried to hide her love made her seem even more cute, making me love her even more than I did before.

"I like these roleplay exercises" I whispered bowing to help her to her feet. Holding her hand I assisted her to her feet, looking into her eyes as I did, seeing them smile, seeing them fill up with a love that I couldn't help but return. It was like I had fallen in love with her all over again, just in that one look

"And, how are you, oh cherished one?"I questioned, already knowing the answer. She hesitated, then the answer found a voice.

"Confused, my love, when did I fall asleep."

"I know not." I answered. "Do you want to wake?" Again, I knew the answer before it reached my ears. And neither did I. I took hold of her waist, holding her towards me, total and unmitigated love coursing through every cell of my body.

The End

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