* VII *

We had been lying in the shade of the willow tree for a while now. Quite randomly, Emrald asked, "Do you want to come over to mine?"

"Yes,  I want to" I replied, "but I want to stay here too. I'm not fazed as to where I am as long as I'm with you."

Emrald smiled and kissed me. "What did I do to deserve a girlfriend like you?"

"You were a lovely person," I told him sincerely. "And you still are."

"Can we go to mine, then? My dad's cooking dinner and he'd be happy to make enough for three."

I saw his face suddenly go sad. Emrald's mother had tragically died giving birth to him. I stroked his shoulder comfortingly.

"Let's go," I said.

He smiled at me but there was a frown in his eyes. He rose to his feet, pulling me up with him and, hand in hand, arms swinging loosely, we ambled to his house.

When we arrived, there was a dark limousine outside the house. Emrald's brow furrowed.

"Now, who could that be?" he wondered aloud.

We stepped inside the house to find a girl who looked about our age sitting on the sofa. She had light blonde hair and blue eyes. When she saw us, she jumped to her feet. Noticing Emrald, she curtseyed and lowered her head.

"Greetings, Your Highness."

"Um, I'm not a prince," Emrald said, looking bemused. "Or a king."

The girl walked forwards. "There's something you should know."

"Um, okay. Could you tell me who you are, first?"

"Oh, how very rude of me! I'm Tara, the Palace messenger. Sorry about the attire." She gestured her shirt and jeans which I thought looked fine.

Emrald had listened to the rest of what she was saying.

"I'm sorry, did you just say Palace?"

"Yes. Your mother was the last heir to the throne of Sapphire City."

The End

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