* III *

Emrald led me over to a willow tree on the bank of the vast river which flowed through the park, a meandering, grey-green, murky body of water. We sat down and while I sighed, looking into his eyes, he took the palm of my right hand and gently tickled it.

"Lovely morning, isn't it?" he said.

"Yeah," I nodded, speaking in that dreamy sort of voice I often found myelf using around him.

Emrald grinned. "The warmth is brilliant."


"The light breeze is cool and pleasant."


"You'll do anything I say."

"Yeah," I replied before processing what he'd said. I bit my lip in embarrassment.

Emrald chuckled. "So, you wouldn't mind being my slave?"

"Er... no, because you'd be really fair to me if I was," I said hopefully.

Emrald ruffled my hair. "I wouldn't do that to you, cherished one."

"I know you wouldn't," I sighed. "The way you treat me is so wonderful that I can't believe this relationship exists."

Emrald shrugged. "If I didn't treat you right, how could I deserve you?"


The End

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