*XI*(Part Two)

As we sat in the car I began to think, think about the expression on the driver's face, on Tara's face. How would I expect everyone else to react if the first two people had reacted with such disapproval.

Despite all these thoughts I realised I didn't care. I knew in my heart that no matter the circumstances I would do anything to make sure that Anna was happy.

"Everything will be okay cherished one.I'll make it so." I whispered into her ear before gently kissing her eyes, both of which she was trying to convince to stay awake.

"I love you" I heard her murmur as she fade into a beautiful slumber.

After a few hours I looked out of the window, not quite believing the sight that met my eyes. The car was surrounded by blinding white light as far as the eye could see. No trees, no sky, no grass, nothing.

"Where are we?" I questioned, never hearing the answer as my body decided to force my eyes closed.

I woke up, not really sure how much time had elapsed. Anna was already awake, gently stroking my hair as my head reasted on her knees.

"Are we here?" I questioned, almost yawning.

"I think so" came the reply along with a yawn, which instantly forced out the one i had stifled. 'Funny how that happens' I thought, never quite convincing my mouth to say it.

"You'd make a good princess" I smiled, lifting myself from Anna's legs and kissing her, my eyes still trying to stay closed.

"Well time to go" I groaned, as the door was opened for us.

Instantly, I felt a warmth spread through my body. Weirdly I felt Anna shiver behind me. Or did I... I'm not so sure.

Tara led us to a large room, which I assumed to be a living room, filled with antique furniture, which although old looked as though it was in perfect condition.

Another few minutes passed and we were approached by a lean figure, his black hair bouncing with every step.

"Hey I'm Ralph. I'm your cousin."

The End

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