*IX*(Part Two)

   I burst into laughter,  almost instantly mimicked by Anna. There was no way she was being honest. 'Is it April 1st?' even crossed my mind at one point.

"Sapphire City?All right, who sent you?Was it one of my mates?"I interrogated, starting to get worried as a look of confusion began to cross Tara's face.

"No,  I was telling the truth" she insisted.

"Come on! Who really believes theres a plcae called Sapphire city?It sounds like Wizard Of Oz rewritten!"

"Your Highness,  I promise I'm telling the truth."

"You can stop calling me Your Highness, the jokes off" I said, beginning to get angry.

"It's not a joke. The kingdom of Sapphire city is hidden in a meadow and it's subjects need a new ruler."

"You can stop now" I told her, barely managing not to shout.

"Your Highness I am not joking. There is actually a place called Sapphire City. I'm here to take you there"

   I turned to Anna, wondering how she was taking this, not sure if she thought it was a joke or not, her face face was totally blank. She just stared into my eyes.

"Do you think we should trust her Anna?"

"I don't know Your Highness. It might be a trap."

"You know you're a prince already?" came the voice of Tara, who had clearly taken Anna's statement at face value. I turned back still unable to take her seriously.

"Look, it's not funny. Give it up and tell us why you're really here." I pleaded.

   I heard footsteps in the hallway, my eyes being met by the face of my father as I turned to see who it was. He looked as though he was struggling with something, worried - anxious even.

"Indico she's telling the truth" he said "Your mother was a princess.

"You're part of the joke too?" I searched, trying to grab any possible way of not believing what I was being told. He lifted his head looking deep into my eyes.

"Would I really make a joke involving your mother?Would anyone?" I looked back into his eyes, he was telling the truth. We both loved my mother and would never do anything to defile her memory. I couldn't believe it.

"I...I don't understand."

"Magic exists, fairytale kingdoms are real... There's more to this world than you know, son. I know this is strange and frightening and that you don't understand. But trust me.

"Dad why are you doing this to me?" Why now?Why hadn't he told me before? Why in my whole life had I not heard a whisper of this information? Almost as if reading my mind he answered my questions.

"I'm sorry, son. Your mother and I never intended for you to know about Sapphire City. She hated it with a passion and wanted to keep it a secret."

"You lied to me?". He nodded in reply his head drooping a look of sadness and regret appearing in his eyes. Anna squeezed my hand, trying to offer some source of comfort, trying to calm me.

"I'm sorry." he finished.

   I turned back to Tara.

"Why are you here?" this time not making any effort to conceal my anger.

"Sapphire City needs a King" I now knew my answer. As soon as I had seen the look on my father's face I had decided. My parents had wanted nothing to do with Sapphire city.  So neither did I.

"Then find one instead of wasting your time talking to someone who didn't even know the place existed! I don' see how I can help!"

"The King has to be descended from one of the previous monarchs. It's the way things are. If the rules are not upheld, the city will fall into ruin. Countless people will perish and the city walls will crumble."


"I'm not ready" I told her." I'm just you're  average seventeen year old" I told her."I'm not ready" I finished.

"Then Sapphire City will fall"

"What do I do?" I asked myself. I now only had two options- Follow the path of my parents or find out about a life which until moments before I had not known about, saving an entire city in the process. I only really had one choice.

The End

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