*VIII*(Part Two)

     I lay under the willow tree, it's beautiful branches had protected me and Anna from the sun for the best part of the day, only one of the reasons why it was our favourite spot to sit in.

"Do you want to come over to mine?" I asked, totally out of the blue as I watched her finger tracing the lines of my palm.

"Yes, I want to... but I want to stay here too. I'm not phased as to where I am as long as I'm with you" Yet again I was hit with the realisation of just how much I loved Anna. With one simple reply she had made me feel like I was the only person in the world, like, well like...love. I kissed her, trying to covey some of the wave of love which had just swept through my body.

"What did I do to deserve a girlfriend like you?"

"You were a lovely person...and still are" She had done it again.

" Can we go to mine, then?" My dad's cooking dinner and he'd be happy to make enough for three." My heart dropped. My father hadn't made food for three in my life, ever. My mums death having brought my life- taking with it a gaping hole inside both me and my father- he had never had the opportunity. In that moment I wished I could meet my mother, talk about my life, how much me and dad missed her, and of course tell her about Anna.

     My mind came back to reality as I felt Anna's hand on my shoulder, trying to offer some source of comfort. My mind came back but the feeling stayed, I felt lonely and cold- somewhere deep inside my chest I could sense she was there, watching me, smiling down at Anna. Somewhere...

     I pulled Anna to her feet and we made our way to my house. A queer sight meeting our eyes as we entered the street. There was a black limousine sitting outside my front gate.

"Now who could that be?" I wondered aloud.

     I opened my front door, looking around for the visitor with rich tate. And there she sat,she looked barely eighteen, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She jumped to her feet the moment she noticed our presence. She curtseyed. Something I had never really experienced other than in my games with Anna. For the first time ever, I was dumbstruck.

"Greetings, Your Highness" I began to feel slightly creeped out. Was she for real?

"Um, I'm not a prince... or a king."I replied sheepishly

"There's something you should know..." she began,walking towards me as she spoke.

" Um okay, could you tell me who you are first?"

"Oh, how very rude of me! I'm Tara, the palace messenger. Sorry about the attire" she quickly answered, a look of guilt crossing her eyes as she gestured towards her perfectly normal jeans and t-shirt. She then continued to speak, only one sentence of which sunk in. One sentence that convinced my head she was joking, but which in my heart, I knew was true.

"Your mother was the last heir to the throne of Sapphire City."


The End

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