*VII*(Part Two)

 As we stopped outside the restaurant, I noticed Anna's eyes widening as she took in the sight of where we would soon be, basking in the warm glow of the candles.  We made our way through the doors, Anna admired the decor as I guided her towards the impressively dressed waiter.

"Have you reserved a table?" he asked. I nodded, almost laughing at the look of bewilderment which had crossed Anna's face.

"Under the name Anvair" I said politely, smiling at Anna as I admired her beauty.

"Thats a table for two, isn't it, sir?" Again I nodded managing to take my eyes away from Anna's. He escorted us to a small table in the far corner, adorned with a lovely vase of white and red roses and covered with a matching tablecloth and napkins. I pulled Anna's chair away from the table making sure she was seated before I took my seat facing her . As we analysed the menu I asked what she thought.

"It's wonderful" she replied.

"What would you like?" I questioned.

"The lasagne please?" came her sweet voiced reply.

"To drink?" I continued.

"I don't suppose they do lemonade here, do they?"

"They do" 

"I'll have that then. Is it ok if we have the lasagne for two?" she asked nervously.

"To share?" I nodded"Yes, thats fine."

I put the menu back on the table shifting the roses to the side, I had to see the whole of Anna's face as I spoke to her. She was smiling, which ,as usual, banished all traces of doubt from my mind.

Now it was time.

"So... I wanted to talk about... how we feel about each other." I paused for a few seconds. "How do you see me?"

"Well you're really lovely, and I think you'd make a great boyfriend..." My heart rose."...but until today I never really considered us becoming a couple. What about you?"she replied. 

"Well,I think you have a beautiful personality, you're always so kind and generous, and caring. I've wanted to see if we'd work out as an item for a little while now." I said, looking into her eyes for some inkling of how she'd reply.

"How long?"she smiled.

"About a month."

"Wow" she murmured.

"Would you like to be more than friends?" I questioned as the butterflies began to return into my stomach.

"Well, I'm here aren't I? And I didn't object to you kissing me earlier. What do you make of that?"

"You could've just said yes because it was my birthday. I wanted to be absolutely sure. She smiled moving her head towards me as she whispered,

"I think we'd be good together". I kissed her, amazed at just how much love you could convey in such a small action, feeling inside that everything was perfect and nothing else existed, it was only me and Anna. So this is love I thought, as our food was brought over. The rest of the night was amazing, the food phenomenal. I was able to relax, feeling as if a huge weight had fallen off of my shoulders and now I could freely tell her just what I loved about her.

Before I knew it, it was time to leave, we walked out after I had paid using my Dad's bank card, hand in hand, smiling as we entered the car.

While we made our way throught the streets, Anna drifted off, as she slept my father asked how it had gone.

"Perfectly. Just perfectly." I answered, unable to take my eyes from Anna. As I watched I came to the conclusion that as she lay calm, gently breathing and at total peace." I love her "

"I know Emrald" my dad grinned as I closed my eyes listening to the sound of her breath as she rested her head on my shoulder.

That was the day my life changed forever.

The End

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