*VI*(Part Two)

I sat on my couch, waiting for the hands of the clock to announce when it was five forty, ten minutes and i'd leave, five, four, three... it was time. After what felt like days my father walked into the room.

"Ready to leave Emrald?" he asked, smirking slight as I jumped in fright at the sound of his voice. I inhaled deeply, urging my body to relax, trying to lose some of my nerves.

"Yeah, let's go" I smiled, standing up as I did so and heading out to the dark, blue sedan as he locked the door to the house.

"You look great son" he told me as the car manouvered along the quiet streets towards Anna's house, obviously trying to help relieve some of my nerves. As the car slowed my mind began to relax, just knowing I was close to Anna somehow always managed to have the same effect. I stepped out of the car and made my way to the front door.

After a few seconds, Anna opened the door, she was dressed in a flowing lavender dress, with a small flower in her also flowing hair. But despite how beautiful she looked, I was still nervous. I still worried that the night wouldn't go the way I planned.

Just as we walked up the path I realised I hadn't told her how beautiful she looked, which I quickly amended as she got into the car, making her smile, and again making me relax.

The entire journey flew past in a wave of awkwardness, we usually spoke fine, but with a combination of my nerves, my dad being unusually silent and my heart beating too loud for me to hear anything I couldn't be my normal self.

Not a very good start to our first official date.

The End

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