*V*(Part Two)

Finally the first day of school made its way into my life, bringing nervous butterflies itno my stomach with it. After all my hope and anticipation, I never even got to see Anna until school had finished. All day i was getting sheperded around to my classes and shown the layout of the school, when eventually I was rescued by the bell at the end of the day.

I trundled down the steps, feeling disappointed when a voice behind me brightened up my day.

"Emrald, hi... how are you?" I twirled on the spot, grinning instantly.

"Anna! hi, yeah i'm great, what about you?"

"I'm good, so, where you been all day? I was searching for you."

"Oh, sorry... you know, getting the tour" I replied, my mind in total awe at the fact that she had been trying to find me. We began to walk, both heading in the same direction(thankfully). I soon began to marvel at her ability to bring a smile to my face, yet again time flew past and we had to part. We arranged to make sure we met during school the next day, to speak longer if we could, then she opened the door and went inside, leaving me to walk home smiling at the fact I had already made such an amazing friend.

The End

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