*IV*(Part two)

 I'll never forget the day that I first met Anna.

I had moved into a new house only a week before and one of my neighbours had come over and introduced himself and helped move some things in, while we carried a chest of drawers upstairs he asked if I would like to go to a birthday party, not really feeling comfortable about it I replied.

"I'm not sure, i'll let you know during the week", in my mind i was thinking of it as a great way to make some new friends, but worried if it was too fast to be going to parties. To be honest, I very nearly never went, almost one of the worst decisions of my life.

During the week I spent more time with Alistair, getting to know him was making me feel less worried about going to the party, so a few days later, and we were both strolling towards the girls house.

Ten minutes later and we were knocking on the door. We were welcomed in a rush of excitement and hurried inside, Alistair introduced me as I handed over a card and a box of chocolates.

"Nice to meet you Emrald, thank you", and then she was off, called by someone at the opposite side of the room. The next few hours are a blur, right up until I stepped outside to get some air and met Anna.

"Hey, I'm Anna" came her voice, instantly making me feel calm and relaxed, my need for air being vanquished on the spot and replaced by a need to hear her voice again.

"Indico. But I prefer my middle name, Emrald" She made a comment about my names, the same response they usually encountered, then she asked me to dance, something I hadn't anticapated.

"Just as friends" she hastily included. I shook my head, making her head drop- leaving me with a feeling of guilty regret.

"I'm not much of a dancing person" I said, which was true, but at that awkward moment I wished the opposite were true, until her smile returned. Within minutes we were engrossed in conversation.

All too soon we had to leave. Bringing an abrupt end to our conversation.

"Well, bye, see you soon" I said trying to hide my disappointment, my face not doing much to help me.

That night I lay in my bed, watching the stars, unable to get her angelic voice out of my head, only one more week and school would begin. And so it all began.

The End

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