Indico Emrald Anvair

I stepped off the bridge and into the park when the sight of a fairytale prince made me realise I was actually in a magical kingdom.

I ambled towards him, acting as if he were no one important. I intended to pretend he was unworthy of my attention and, indeed, my affections, both of which I knew he sought after.

"Morning," I said gravely, my face betraying nothing - a great feat when I was looking into this prince's eyes.

The smile he had been wearing was instantly replaced by an expression that matched my own.

"Morning," he replied, equally seriously. He gazed at me intently.

"How are you?" I asked, my tone not changing.

My prince suddenly looked sad.

"I can't help it," he answered; "I'm totally lovestruck."

"Lovestruck?" I whispered, all gravity forgotten. I was falling fast into those eyes.

My prince nodded once and I sank to my knees, heart melting and tears forming in my eyes.

The boy leant down and whispered in my ear, "I like these roleplay exercises."

Smiling with a warmth that set to the task of evaporating the thick gooey liquid in my chest, he took my hand and helped me to my feet although I could barely stand. He took my other hand and looked at me with such wonderful love, the strength of which I would have found inconceivable had I not met this piece of treasure.

"And how are you, oh cherished one?" he asked in his soothing voice with its gentle tone which always relaxed me.

I almost collapsed from the intensity of emotion with which he spoke, and my thoughts became stuck at the word 'cherished', regardless of the fact that that was always how he referred to me.

When the train of scattered thought ended, I gazed at him, wondering slightly at his patience, and responded, " Confused, my love. When did I fall asleep?"

"I know not," he replied, shrugging. "Do you want to wake up?"

I grinned. I knew that he knew exactly what my answer would be.

"I don't," I told him.

"Neither do I," he murmured, leaning in to kiss me.

I closed my eyes and let go of every anchor to reality as he let go of my hands and held my waist instead.


The End

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