Rajat 1.2

Rajat 1.2

Rajat gently explained to Anari that he was a vampire. He had not been bitten or turned. He had been born one. He braced himself in case this information made her freak out, but to his surprise, it didn't. The following day, wearing a smart black suit, he arrived at her house and presented her with a single flower. Teasingly she ran away from him, and spinning round began to sing. Her voice was high and fluttery. She danced across the pebbles that formed a path across the stream. He followed. She then sat on a round, turning bench where he joined her.


And now, the full moon shone down on a boat, casting a fresh silvery glow over the rippling water. Anari stood up in the boat, leaning on the mast, holding it with both hands and gazing up at the moonlit sky. She began to sing and then, holding the mast she sung round and leaned over Rajat, her gorgeous hair nearly falling onto his face. Anari danced a little in the boat and then sat beside Rajat, gazing upwards and continuing to sing. Her white fingernails gleamed in the soft moonlight. Rajat then started to sing, as she ruffled his black velvety hair. He caught her hand and pulled her down into his lap, gazing into her eyes earnestly as he continued to sing.

The rippling water gleamed in the moonlight as Rajat swung Anari round the deck and then twirled her in his arms. She then lay flat on her back on the deck, still singing as he continued to gaze earnestly at her. The waves folded behind him as he stood, holding onto the mast and singing. She raised herself on her shoulder and watched him, the moonlight throwing his attractive smile into view. The moon's white reflection bobbed about in the moving waves of the river, as the lovers reached out and interclasped their hands.

The End

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