Rajat 1.1


Glancing at the carefree way in which Rajat walked down the road, few would guess that he was a vampire. As he strolled casually along, he sang;

My shoes are from Japan,

My jacket is from England,

My hat is from Turkey,

And yet my heart is Indian.

He meandered along, playing his pipe and a black snake followed him with great interest. Turning round, Rajat saw the snake and ran for his life, only relaxing when he was away from it.

As he walked along, Rajat glanced round at his surroundings; the nearby trees and rocks and the grey cloudy sky. The road led to the city, where there was much excitement. Rajat noticed a young woman in her mid twenties emerge from some gates outside a building. Just as she shut the gates, the rain began to fall. Running up to her, Rajat opened his umbrella and held it over both of them.

As they walked together in the rain under the umbrella, Rajat sang a new song and she joined in. She wondered at the coldness of his skin but he told her he would explain.

The End

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