Priyamvada 1.4

Priyamvada 1.4

Two years later, a sikh was passing the royal palace when he saw Priyamvada lying on a hammock, staring up at the ceiling, her eyes streaked with tears. He watched and listened as she curled up into a ball and rolled over in the hammock, as if mourning for something lost and sang; Yamini, Yamini.

Later, she sat, grave and quiet as many people gathered together for a funeral. Even the very tune played on the zitar was mournful, as everyone sang together;

Ramayan's Seetha,

Seetha whom Raman rescued,

We never had a chance,

To see her whom,

Sangan's daughter gave birth to.


Her mother used,

To sing to her,

And the daughters,

They would sleep.


The daughter, she grew,

Without seeing her father,

And now her father,

Has eyes closed in sleep.

The End

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