Priyamvada 1.3

Priyamvada 1.3

Prince Banaji sat with his mother and several other relatives in a circle, his hands folded in prayer. A man nearby played the flute and the elven prince began to sing;

To the Guruvayur Temple,

I will go one day,

I will then open the door,

And shall behold God.

 While the elven prince was thus praying and singing at the same time, Priyamvada was singing a different song, while watching a bird perched on the branch of a tree. The bird flew away just as she finished her song. Fingering her engagement ring, Priyamvada began another song;

When I am married,

I shall wear crystal earrings,

And beautiful bangles,

And perhaps a brooch.


He said he would come,

Where is he?

The one who said,

He would go with me,

Where is he?


At the temple,

Shall we,

Garland one another,

And then he will,

Give me a brooch,

To match these bangles,

And then we will,

Exchange our rings,

And make wedding vows.

 Just as she was finishing her song, the elven prince, with his hair clipped up as usual, this time wearing long white robes with no sword or sheath hanging beside him, walked through the trees towards her with a smile.

The End

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