Shakunthala 1.4

Shakunthala 1.4

Prince Akash felt a sudden desire to take a swim. He jumped into the river outside the royal palace and started swimming. As he swam, the ring Shakunthala gave him slipped off his finger and was lost. Noticing nothing wrong, he stopped swimming, dressed and returned to the palace. A few days later when Sakunthala arrived to see him, he did not recognise her and told his servants to send her away. Sadly, Shakunthala left. Meanwhile a fisherman discovered a ring in the belly of a fish he had caught. Recognising it as one the prince always wore, the fisherman paid a visit to the royal palace and returned it to him. Very much surprised, Prince Akash accepted the ring from the fisherman with thanks. Upon returnig it to his finger, he at once remembered Shakunthala.

He immediately searched for her but could not find her anywhere. Prince Akash returned sorrowfully to the palace, where he passed his days painting portraits of his lost love. He also made statues of her. Looking at his work one day, he sang;

Shakunthala, I remember you,

Wherever I go,

Whatever I do,

I remember you,

Shakunthala, Shakunthala.


The way you walk,

The way you sing,

The way you dance,

I remember you Shakunthala.

As Akash sat despondently by the river in front of his palace, a dolphin emerged from the water and changed into Shakunthala's father, the river God. Hydaspes told Prince Akash that the loss of memory was only ordained to happen once and that he would never forget Shakunthala again. Instead he would marry her and take her to his palace. Then, taking his dolphin form, Hydaspes dived back into the water.

Filled with hope, Akash rode into the forest. Upon spotting a familiar looking deer, he tethered his horse and started following it. The deer led him to where Shakunthala sat in sorrow, singing her own song. He ran towards her and embraced her.

The End

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