I felt the chill of the cold morning air as I stood outside my home. I had nothing with me, only a little bit of money and the clothes on my back.

I stood there for a little bit, not knowing exactly what to do, or where to go. I took a step forward, facing away from the rising sun.

I walked.

What else can I say? I walked ahead, not looking from side to side, not making myself decide. I simply walked down the street, letting each car go by, not caring where the road would lead me to.

I walked until the sun was high, so very high, in the vast blue sky.

That's when I realized how hungry I was.

I checked my pockets. I only had the ten dollars that had been sitting in my bank account. Despair rose in my chest, but I shoved it back down. Ten dollars was enough for a small meal, however meager that meal would be.

I kept walking, deciding that I would happen upon a gas station sooner or later.

I did. I walked into the Texaco and picked up some chips. It wasn't much for lunch, but it was food, and I had to ration my money.

I also grabbed a large water bottle, deciding that it might be a while before I stopped again. I payed for my food.

I traveled for the day, asking passerby's if they had anyway I could earn money. No one did, no one knew of anyone who did. So little by little, as slowly as I drank that water bottle, I let that despair creep it's way into my heart.

And when people get desperate, they do very crazy things.

It was late at night, on my second day of walking. I had spent the rest of my money on water. I was tired and deliriously hungry  by that point, and I don't know exactly when I made the decision. But I waited in the shadows, waited for a jogger, or someone, to come along.

It was gentleman out walking. I could see his wallet. He walked right past my hiding place, and ever so slowly, I slipped out of the bushes, and lunged for his back pocket.

The man turned around, and saw me.

The End

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