A most dire decision.

A young man shall decide if he wants to stay in his horrible family or create a future for himself with his own hands. Your actions will decide where his life will lead to.

His face is pale; his protection from the harsh cold is only a thin blanket from the trash can. He doesn't know where to go or what to do, his hope is completely lost. All he can do is sit there and hope that someone will give him at least a penny for his survival of this harsh world. People of all sort of nationalities walk past him like he’s not even there, like no one needs him. He’s like an invisible spec in this huge busy world while the people completely ignore him and let him suffer there alone, completely disserted. Thought our story starts of an absolutely different perspective. A boy named Jack lives in a rejected violent family; his dad is an alcoholic and never has any respect for him or his mum. What leads Jack to doing puts him in to a critical situation in which he must use all his intellectual and physical powers to survive the greatest fight for survival.

It was always like this, go do that, wash this, do your homework. I always hated dad, he always shouted at me and never gave me a chance to speak and he wasn’t good with mum either. Mum was nice, caring and always helped me in difficult times while Dad didn’t do anything; he just sat there on the couch and watched TV. I certainly knew that I was born in the worst family that I have ever known.

It was a bright and sunny day, birds were singing and the grass was as fresh and glittering from the sunshine. I just came from school; I muddled in my pockets until I found my keys and got them out, I started to put the key inside the hole while a thought rushed through my mind and a big sad sigh appeared. I walked in and was petrified. Mum was lying there with a big bruise on her cheek, “What the hell happened here?” I shouted out in a nervous loud voice. Dad replied “None of your bloody business Jack go to your room right now!” in a very mad way; his eyes were filled with pure rage. I couldn’t believe how violent Dad was until this right moment but I couldn’t do anything about it either. I was in their house and if I protested it would definitely get me in serious trouble. I hurriedly ran to my room with a felling of rage and hopelessness, I forcefully slammed my door and sat on the bed while drop of tears shed through my eyes. I couldn’t believe how dad could do such a thing. That was just outrageous. I knew what was coming next; I knew that I couldn’t stay in this forsaken family forever and I needed to do something, so I did.

I woke up as the alarm went off; a bright sunshine hit my face as I looked at the clock, and so it was 6.00am. I sat on the bed thinking for a few minutes. “Should I do it?”
I’ve looked around the room to see what I could bring. I knew I had to take my saved money which was supposed to be the money to buy that long wished PS3 but this wasn’t the time. It was time to decide to stay in this hell hole or to look for a new life, a better future. I took my school bag and my money; I wore the warmest clothes I could. My parents were still sleeping so I carefully opened my creaky door and sneaked out of the room. I’ve also left a note in the kitchen saying “I’m sorry but I think…this is not the place for me to make my future. I’m leaving behind all my feelings here and now. I love you mom and please don’t ever listen to Dad, he never knew how hard it was for me. Your much loving son, Jack” as I opened the front door a sad thought rushed through my head like a dagger “You’re going to regret it” but something was telling me to do it, it felt like I had two personalities. I smashed my head against the door, “You’re going to regret this if you stay here anyway!” I slowly opened the door and ran out of my only shelter or so I called it now. The cold breeze went through my skin as a chilling experience. I never felt this way, like I was independent, like it all started to come along. My first step into a better future has been made, and what lies ahead is a mystery but I can’t turn back, I must always look forward. As I crossed over the gate, the sun light up my face and I was thrilled to be free.

This was written over 4 years ago, when I was still in secondary school. Feel free to continue from this first chapter if you'd like. It can be anything, but not too ridiculous or something that strays way too much from the story itself. Your writing will determine the fate of this young boy and where his life will lead in the coming months.

The End

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