Into the UnknownMature

The woman staggered, the big man leaning against her seemed to be getting heavier and heavier.

“alright, honey.” She said “this will do.” She helped him to sit in a small clearing and stood straight. “I’ll go and get my bag, I have a blanket you can use. Then we can get properly introduced.” The man nodded dully and for the first time she noticed the bloody feathers of his wings were dropping out one by one. She sighed and followed the trail of them back to her bag and on her way back to him she picked them up grimacing a little at the sticky blood that covered them.


“So” she said sitting down the man pulled a blanket around his shoulders tugging it tighter around him. The woman pulled a small metal box from her bag and for the first time she saw his eyes register an emotion as he looked at the box with mild curiosity. Lifting the hinged lid she pulled a folding metal framework up and with a quick flick of her fingers locked it in place then began piling small sticks and leaves in the box beneath the frame. She filled her small pan with water and set it on top of the framework.

“ingenious.” The man said watching her closely she noticed the small smile on his face.

“I got it from the elves, west of here.” The woman smiled using flint and a small piece of metal to spark the fire. “So who do I have the pleasure of meeting?” she asked, the smile vanished and the man frowned.

“I have no idea at all.” He said “I can’t remember.”

“Well, where do you come from?” the man didn’t answer he just shook his head. “What species?” another small headshake. “Oh well,” she said a little put out “I'm Berith Scylla I'm from Gedding town and I'm a Rothburn daemon” the man looked at her closely.

“okay.” he said unsure of what to make of this information “Berith, right?” she nodded and pulled a smaller wooden box from her bag.

“I have tea. Normal, chamomile and willow bark for emergencies.” She looked at him for a moment “I suppose chamomile and willow bark would both do you some good so you can have both together.”

“Thank you.” The man said “Berith.” He seemed to be trying to get used to her name and she smiled.

“Don’t thank me yet.” She said pouring the water into the mug for him “after you’ve finished I'm going to attempt to clean you up, a bit.”


The boy stared at the swirling blue disc waiting for sleep to come. He tried to imagine what it could be.

He awoke with a start sitting up suddenly, a wave of nausea washed over him and he swayed holding his head. The feeling passed as suddenly as it had stated and he frowned standing slowly.  

The swirling blue disc was still there and he moved closer to it.

“So what are you?” he said the whirls didn’t change and the boy picked up a stick and dropped onto the disc. He frowned, had the stick vanished he wasn’t sure and looking around he found a fist sized stone and dropped it into the smoke. Yes it had vanished. The boy chewed his lip and curiously shuffled closer to the smoke. The disc quickened and nervously he stepped forward. 

The End

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