Tools and StrangersMature

A few days later saw the boy sitting near a river bank, chipping painfully, slowly away at a piece of flint his grey eyes were dark as he concentrated on his work. Careful of the flints sharp edge he wrapped a dark green vine around the end of it holding the flint in his teeth he tied the end of the vine tightly and smiled as he looked at his handiwork.

“Not bad” he said to no one, looking at the small knife he now held. His pale face was streaked with mud and dirt and he looked down at his dirty arms and sighed stripping the sheet from around his waist he laid the knife on top of it and slowly and tentatively walked into the slow flowing stream biting back a cry as the cold water stung his wounds.


Far away a woman wandered slowly across a desolate plain her gold hair fling in the cold wind, she sang as she walked a bottle in her hand now only half filled with sweet elderflower wine. Ahead she saw a blue glow in the darkness and smiled weaving her way towards it she began to sing more loudly.


The teleport was a blue disc of smoke that swirled lazily on the dusty ground catching the sand and lifting it into the air.

“Little tornados.” The woman smiled to herself hoisting her travelling pack higher the single pan that hung beneath it clanged against the metal mug beside it. she stepped forward expecting the familiar sensation of her air being cut off and her body being squeezed down a long tube.


She landed hard on her backside and she laughed even more taking another swig from the bottle in her hand before pulling herself up. Then her deep gold eyes met deep brown ones and she froze.

The End

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