An old characters story (unsure if this will go anywhere or how long it will be but the gang are seemingly refusing to be written about at the moment and gabriel keeps arguing that he's getting boring so I have put the main story on hold for now.) be nice this is straight from my strange brain not even written on paper like the others so likely to be a bit odd.

The small and lanky creature crawled away from the dim lights of the town, his bare and bleeding knees barely registered pain over the shame that racked his young mind. Blood dripped slowly from his mouth as he huddled down beside a small straggly bush, wrapping his arms around his knees he leant his sore head against the shrub and trying to ignore the twigs that poked at his face he closed his eyes.


Three days before.


“Cora,” a male voice said loudly “he won’t do it.”

“He will” a sharp female voice replied “he’ll have too, the council expect it.” The man sighed and muttered something. The young boy in the room beside them sighed too, echoing his father.

“I will do it.” He murmured to himself. “I will.”




Beside the dead and spiky shrub the boy sighed again, shivering he pulled his small wings around him. Useless now for flying as they slowly dripped blood to the floor they weren’t much more use in keeping his naked figure warm but he didn’t really mind.

“It’s not like I'm going anywhere.” The boy said to himself, trying not to shiver he looked down and could just see the burnt flesh under his right collarbone. “It’s not like I have anywhere to go.”

The End

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