This story is all about a girls horrible reality and addictive dreams. Loosing herself in the dream world she feels at peace.
But will she forget which is the reality?


Thick smoke obscured my vision, driving my eyes to water. Lurching out of bed I dropped to the floor. My mum had always told me to get low to the floor in fire. The fumes filled my lungs and choked me like deaths tendril fingers wrapping around my neck. Breathing in the toxic fumes burnt my nose, and I couldn’t breathe, my head demanded answers, what was happening? Was I going to die? All I knew was that I had to get out! The black curtains of smoke were billowing into my room from under the door.

Crawling to the door I headed towards the stairs. It was a fire! My hands were shaking and my heart was thumping loud in my ears. My breathing quickened. I could smell the melting paint and singed wood. It was acrid! The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, reflecting my terror and anxiety. In a fit of hopeless desperation I tried to think of what I should do. I faintly heard shouting which gave me courage and hope. The carpeting was rubbing against my bare knees. I tried to ignore the throbbing ache in my throat and carried on, determination pumping through my veins.

“I can’t die yet?” I thought dizzily. “I know I can’t die yet.”

As I reached the bottom of the stairs – I saw the fire. The incandescent flickering practically scalded my eyes; it rose like a giant lion ready to attack, destroying everything, ruthlessly. I realised it was blocking my exit. Sweat beads ran down my face; the heat was excruciating! The crackling noise of the fire swiftly spread through the house. Tossing my head back and forth I looked for the exit, frantically. I knew I didn’t have much longer.

This was it; I would either choke or burn.

I froze. Staring into the flames; something was glaring back, beckoning me into the blaze. I stepped forwards, my hand reached out slowly. The skin on my hand started to burn, but I couldn’t feel anything. The face seemed to smile, wickedly. A tear rolled from my green eyes, running down my cheek. Abruptly, a familiar figure appeared and dragged me back, away from the scorching fire. She dragged me into the corridor. Darkness filled her eyes, I was so confused… Whispering something into my ear, she hugged me one last time.


 And that’s when I woke up.

The End

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