Inconspicuous - Chapter IVMature

"Please place your phone into this basket."

I followed the directions the detention teacher gave me and practically tossed my phone into the basket. I felt pretty numb and everything that happened in English was a blur. It must've been some sort of self-mechanism in order to help me forget the whole situation, but that little moment was still buried in the back of my mind somewhere.

Nevertheless, I had been placed in ISS (In School Suspension) by my English teacher. It sounded like a pretty boring place, perhaps even more dull than my English class itself.

As I walked in, I was taken by surprise as I saw around 10 people sitting in their respective desks even though the day had just begun. One had headphones in his ears and wore some tight black skinny jeans that seemed to be a little too tight in certain places, and another girl with purple streaks throughout her hair appeared to be writing obscene messages all over her desk that happened to riddled with them anyway. I knew I didn't belong here. At my old school in New York, everybody would think the world was coming to an end anytime someone got in trouble. Here, it seemed to be a normal thing.

"You can sit right here," the teacher commanded tapping his hand on a wobbly desk. I remained standing as he walked over to his desk where his Mac Book was sitting presumably to check his e-mail or something. He noticed I hadn't sat down.

"Is there a problem sir?" he asked with his eyebrows arched and his arms crossed.

"Yes. Is there another desk that isn't as wobbly as this one?" I heard a girl scoff behind me, and I knew it had to be the one drawing all over her desk.

The teacher smirked. "I'm afraid I have to seat you in alphabetical order."

I frowned, but he hadn't given me an attitude like Miss Idiot had given me, so I simply obeyed and took a seat at the desk I had been assigned to. I sat for a couple of seconds. I looked around the room. I looked at the clock. I loosened my tie. I unbuttoned my shirt a little. I looked back at the clock.

'It's still only ten in the morning,' I thought to myself. Discouraged, I put my head down on the desk until the door swung open. Startled, I shot up in my seat and looked over to see a young blonde girl walk in with her purse on her shoulder and her cell phone in the other. She immediately walked over to the basket, and before the teacher could say anything, threw her phone into it and strutted over to his desk. I could hear the teacher let out a sigh as she stood with her back facing me.

"Nice to have you back Momo," he said sarcastically.

"It seems I can never catch a break," she replied moving her hair out of her face as she signed on a slip of paper. I tried tilting from side to side to see what it was. You'd think I'd be able to considering how uneven my desk was. Alas, today was not my lucky day; that is until the girl turned around. Her jaw dropped as she looked at me.

"Oh my god! Sebastian!" She crouched down to give me a hug. I wasn't quite sure how to react. I didn't like surprises, and today I had received one too many; but this one brightened my day.

"Monica!" I couldn't stop grinning as her name escaped my mouth and I was caught in her embrace. I hadn't seen her since I lived in Germany. It's kinda crazy how small the world is.

"Shhh!" the teacher hissed. "You guys can talk all you want AFTER the bell rings!"

Monica giggled before happily whispering, "Let's walk together after school!"

For the first time today, I was happy.

The End

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