Truth of malice

The bear tortured for days found it's unwilling victim,thirsty of blood  and flesh. It found it's prey, a young lad of strong body and a fragile little girl. Blurred with pain and encage with a soul torn apart slowly the bear starts it's assault upon the casualties which soon it will feast upon their meat and blood.

Not far away, an enchantress of beauty and wisdom wearing the colors of sea and sky at her long kimono watched as the bear runs for it's food. She hates to see blood of innocence spilled, but she doesn't want to interfere. Like an observer she glanced at the guy who seems to be sleeping leaving both him and his sibling unprotected.

"Foolish mortal should I always helped when it isn't necessary?" she pondered this thought for a few seconds before all is lost. She jumped from the branch to where she is perched face to face with the demonic beast to whom was about to kill the little girl.

"Move girl if you want to live."

Using her voiced of power she quickly instructed the poor creature to move out of the way. She drew her sword, it was a marvelous sight to any weapon maker for it was pure white and perfectly made.

 "It is time to end your sufferings dear beast, thou had so much pain in you."  With those last words she stabbed the demonic bear's heart. A loud agonizing growl filled the air which would make any mortals blood run cold of fear.

She hated killing animals,specially those that were not of pure evil nor cursed. The body of the bear slowly disappears like a freed soul from eternal prison of pure heal and endless death. Tears crept from the lady's eyes she only wished all of the pontless battles will end. Maliced of all evil is the foremost thing she despised so darn much.

Namisheteru looks at the girl and then to the young man.

 "Do you people want to die so badly you would dare venture to this cursed placed!"

Anger was in her tone. What are they thinking foolishly wasting their life venturing to much! . She returned her sword to it's sheath.

The End

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