Inconsistent Dreams

Dark was the dreams that haunt the forest of evergreen.......

Silence did not come as a comforter but  as a malicious aura that plagues every living soul that braves the mysteries of it's secrets.Myths were passed on to every generations of how the terror started centuries ago.

The time was of plenty and blessed bounty to all the forest not as it is right now, it was peaceful and full of life. Small and big animals roamed harmoniously, lush green floras and vegetation have provided the nearby occupants with food ad medicine. This could have been preserved, the balanced of both mighty and weak...of good and bad. No it was violated, greed and envy have caused the destruction of the delicate environment to crashed into complete chaos and death.Beasts and man had slaughtered each other at the gruesome  battle of survival. The main evil was not discovered nor destroyed. Violence never ended, oaths and laws completely forgotten.

The End

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