Ethudriel is a small framed beautiful young woman who has caught the eye of many a man, but she only had eyes for one. As time passes, her wishes come true and she gets the man she wants and she falls deeply in love. The only thing that could rock this steady relationship is her past. A past full of darkness and sin.

note - I hadn't got a clue what to write for the summary as i've not got much idea about how the story is going to progress, so please forgive its breifness. Thanks for readi


"If thou lovest me as thou art say you do, then thou would do as I ask.  D'ost thou love me?"

Ethudriel's shrill yet seductive voice reverberated in his ears.  Her tone and appearence drew him in closer; like a fish on a rod.  How could he not love such a being.  Such a being that made him feel alive; like he was forever flying through a moonlit sky on wings that would never tire or let him fall.

"D'ost thou love me?"  She asked again breaking the silence.  He gazed into her  dark eyes and saw the young girl that he once knew.  The young girl that he had fallen profoundly in love with.  The young girl who was hidden away deep inside this new seductive being. He loved her unconditionally even though she was no longer Ethudriel.

"D'ost thou love me?"  She demanded.  He nodded.

"I do my love.  I do love thee."

"Then will thou do as I ask?"

"I will my love.  Thy will be done."

The End

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