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Philip and I never intended for this to happen.  When I fell pregnant with the child, we were delighted.  We had wanted a child for some time and the news that we were to have our own little girl obviously filled us with joy.  The pregnancy progressed without a hitch.  I was on schedule to give birth on the 25th of July but I went into labour a week early on the 18th.  We had planned on giving birth in the hospital but were forced into a home delivery.  Only an hour after my contractions started, it was over.  She wanted out.  The first strange occurrence was the blackout.  The second before she was free from my womb, every light in the house was extinguished and didn’t come back on for a full five minutes.  Philip left the child in my arms while he went to check the circuit breakers, but was adamant that he had nothing to do with the end of the blackout.  Later when we asked our neighbours, they told us that they had suffered from no such blackout. 

                On a personal note, when left alone with the child I felt no evil presence within her.  Just an ordinary infant…. My daughter.  I should add though, that Philip thinks that it is necessary for us to detach ourselves from the child as much as possible.  We do not know what she might turn out to be in the future and it will be easier if we do not get attached to her now. 

                During the first year of her life, no major events happened.  She seemed to excel both mentally and physically faster than others of her age and we were initially pleased.  Choosing to stay at home while Philip worked, I spent more time alone with the child and subsequently noticed a few odd happenings around our home that he was not privy to.  The child seemed to see things that I could not, some amusing but more often than not she seemed to see things that terrified her, and the only way to console her when she saw these visions or apparitions was to remove her from that room and take her somewhere dark.  That was something else that struck me as odd, she was a child her preferred the dark.  I had always assumed that it was part of human nature to fear the dark. 

                By the age of one she could speak quite fluently and walk with no assistance.  It was then that we started to notice her night time wanderings from her room.  I was horrified one morning to discover a kitchen knife beneath her pillow and when I asked her how she had got it she told me that her friend Samuel had given it to her, to keep her safe.  This was the last straw with Philip and he voiced his long held opinions to me then.  He comes from a devout catholic background and his fears first began when we were unable to take the child to mass with us.  I hadn’t gone since the child was born, something else that worried him.  So Philip called Father Deacon to come and look at the child. 

                Father Deacon spent some time with the child asking her questions and after much deliberation he suggested that an exorcism should be undertaken to save the child’s soul.  He believed the child to be possessed by an all seeing demon.  Philip refrained from telling me of this and I was sedated during the exorcism so that I would not be tempted to interfere with the proceedings.  When I woke, I was told that Father Deacon had suffered a stroke during the exorcism and that he was paralysed.  Soon after, Philip moved us and told me that this child was not ours anymore.  He told me that she was not possessed by a demon but she was gateway to the world of the dead.  She was not yet evil, but he could not rule out the possibility that in time she would be.  We moved into a new house and locked our bedroom door at night.  From then on, she was no more to use than a specimen to be studied. 

The End

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