Opening Chapter of a novel I had an idea for. Covers the life of a blood traitor. Mage bitten by a vampire. The story is a modern fantasy. My first posted work, so I want feedback mostly


Don’t even ask me why I am here, I don’t remember anymore. One day I crash landed in this world, a 20-something male with black hair, blue eyes, and no memory, yes, I mean literally crash landed. Probably sounds a little bit cliched to an outsider, but I really don’t care. I got stuck in the dumping ground of our world, the human parts of civilization. Okay, so no memory is a bit of a stretch. I remember this world and I got a crash course on my place in this world. I’m a blood traitor, an ex-mage who got bitten by a vampire and is now stuck as a vampire. In a society that cherishes Mages and abhors vampires, this is not a good thing. Thankfully, I crashed in the one area of the world where no one cares very much who I am, and so long as I don’t act out, I won’t get lynched. Thus begins my story.

I woke with a splitting headache, I didn’t remember a thing of what happened, but the woman tending to my injuries described my fall, and apparently the only reason I survived was because I was a vampire, Immortality. One of the things I can look forward to. Before I left, the lady gave me some cash for the area, my clothes had burned up from pure speed, and the force of the impact. I couldn’t remember what I was wearing so the lady bought me a pair of jeans and a shirt with some raggedy sneakers. First place I was headed was the bar. I just needed a night to get smashed and forget the world. On the way over I spotted a store sporting a leather duster, and another sporting black combat boots. Thus, the current outfit. Then I got to the bar with next to no cash left and tried to order a drink. Apparently the little I had left over was nowhere near enough for a drink. Just as I was about to leave a beautiful red head caught my arm and offered to pay for drinks, if she could know my story. And that, dear lady, is my story.

“Interesting, ‘beautiful red head’?”

“Never hurts to compliment the one paying for drinks, and though it is a less than stellar representation of your beauty, I am in the situation of not knowing your name”

“Angela, and don’t worry about that situation... I don’t know yours either.”

“Oh, well therein lies a small problem... I don’t remember it.”

“You remember anything from your past that might help it along?”

“A few things have been rattling around in my head since the fall. The name Damian, each time with a sense of hatred attached to it, as well as the name Helios, with a mix of feelings associated with it that I can’t exactly place. Then the words Incinerator, and Inquisition. Not to mention the warning, Never go North again.”

“Wow, there’s a lot going on up there. Well, maybe you should start finding out who those people are. The word Incinerator maybe a mage classification, and if it is at all associated with the word Inquisition then you may be in a lot of trouble. The last part is at least clear though...”

“Wait, Back up. Mage classification?”

“Yeah, don’t you remember? There a number of elements that exist in our world. The standards of Fire, Water, and Air. There are also Ore, which governs the earth and anything mechanical, Natural, which governs anything that grows as well as animals, Light, which governs healing and light oriented spells, and lastly Essence, this allows the user to manifest a portion of their essence, alter another’s essence, and more. Essence is one of the most rare, with light being a close second. Ore, and Nature are low probabilities in mages, and almost everyone has one of the main three. The classes are ways of distinguishing purpose of the magic, main elements, and gauging the strength of the mage. There are so many, but Incinerators are one of the most well-known, if rare. They can use Fire, and Essence. Their purpose is inflicting death and destruction in mass workings, and they are all extremely powerful.”

“ So, what if I’m an Incinerator?”

“Well, you certainly dress like one, but there are a few ways to test it”

“Such as...”

“They’re about to walk in, just wait for them to approach you” A large group of men walk into the bar as we are chatting. Bikers by the looks of them. One of them approaches the bar that I’m sitting at. Correction, that angela is sitting at.

“Hey Babe, want to come home with a real man, not the emo sitting next to you?”

“Buddy, you are pushing your luck, but I guess I do need a test of skill” I replied

“Pushing my luck, bring it punk” he grabbed my shoulder to wrench me off the chair, as I fell I felt my body respond without conscious thought. I flipped around and grabbed the man by his arm. Dislocating it from the shoulder, in the same movement I grabbed his throat and held his body a foot off the ground. All of a sudden, my vision went dark, and when it lit up again I was in the same position holding a man who I knew, but I just couldn’t place from where. I heard myself utter the words “Suffer eternally”, and the man’s head burst into flames. Returning to the present, I noticed that the man had succumbed to the same form of magic as I used to destroy the man in my flashback. I think my memory is starting to return to me.

“Very Good! But next time try not to kill people when there are others around...” I looked around as she said this to a sea of hostile glares, and a few outright preparations for a fight from the other bikers.

My response was a pure gesture of defiance. I presume it was something along the lines of arms spread, chest out, and a smug grin on my face. What happened next was a bit of a surprise. I don’t remember what happened exactly because I passed out, but in my flashback I saw the earth rise up as if it was a giant maw, spewing fire with every second. It closed on an unsuspecting group of travelers, and when it did the maw was made of this harsh black material, perhaps a manifestation of my essence.

I woke up in a bed. the ceiling was a soft white color, and Angela was hanging over me. Her soft red hair hung down over my face.

“So, anything interesting happen in my absence...”

“well, we know for fact that you’re an Incinerator, still have no name, and still have no clue who you were.”

“Great, so nothing new. Where am I?”

“At my house... You passed out shortly after killing all those bikers”

“How’d you know those bikers would be coming?”

“I’m an unusual mix of magic, Nature and Light. Two reasonably rare abilities that, when combined result in some fairly extraordinary abilities. I have all the abilities of a seer, without the downfalls.”


“If a seer uses their power too often, they eventually become blind.”

“So, how do two rare mixes of magic come together so handily?”

“Let’s put it down to the fact that I’m a seer.”

“Doesn’t explain how you came across me, and why you were looking for me.”

“I’m a priestess as well. my goddess told me to seek you out, to correct an error in the world”

“Did your goddess tell you anything about me?”

“Uuum... No”

“You know something.”


“TELL ME!!!”


“Fine, you and your goddess keep your bloody secrets, but I swear if you know about my past and I find out you and your damn goddess were keeping that secret, there is no place on this planet that will be safe for you!” after a few moments of awkward silence, she began again.

“I have a friend who may be able to help you with your name, if you still want my help”

“Please, the sooner I find that out, the sooner I can be away from you, and you can get on with your life”

“The only problem with that is that my goddess sent me to you for a reason, maybe I can help you.”

“I don’t need your help, and it’s probably better if you stay away from me, for your own good”

“All right, I’ll escort you to my friend’s and leave you be there” The next half hour passed in absolute silence in a car. Damn my idiocy, I had to go and freak out on the one person who tried to connect with me. I hope I wasn’t like this prior to the... whatever happened. Not ready to call it an accident, I mean, no one accidentally crashes to the ground and has amnesia. That shit just don’t happen.

“we’re here.” she said, it was cold and to the point. Very unlike how I had met her. 

“I want to apologize about being such an ass earlier, I don’t like not knowing what’s going on around me. Apparently I have a temper, not that I’d actually know”

“Well, we’re here, so I can just drop you off, and you can walk in”

“perhaps it would be better If you accompanied me, just to introduce the two of us?”

“Fine.” We walked up to the door, she gave it three rapid knocks and a few seconds later someone appeared at the door.

“Hey, buddy. do you want to go grab your daddy?” Those were the first things out of my mouth when I saw the young man that came to the door. I got a face palm from Angela. Apparently that was not the right thing to say.

“I’m a dwarf, asshole”

“Oh. Well then... Heh heh. I’m going to blame it on the amnesia, and Angela can do the talking from now on” I stood back and Angela started talking to him. Damn, I need to find a way to repay her, without sounding like an asshole. There was no way to even talk to her after my little outburst. She is just cold and reserved, did I fail some test by her goddess, or some personal test. You know what? Fuck it, I survived without her, and I can survive without her again.

“Come in, and no more wisecracks. Capiche Punk?”

“All right, sorry about that”

“Give me a second to call my guild about the magic I’m doing, then we’ll get started” The dwarf quickly left into another room to what I presumed was a phone of some sorts.

“Why does he need to call his guild?”

“His guild restricts the use of magic, most do”


“Magic corrupts the spirit, forming the user into its own image. The only exception is essence magic which works on the spirit.”

“What does fire do?”

“Causes frenzies and outbursts, thus I don’t have a problem with your prior reaction”

“Then why are you acting like a fucking Ice queen?”

“You will see soon enough” as if that wasn’t damn cryptic enough. I heard a voice coming from the room with the telephone, it was eerily familiar. It said something which I interpreted as “Compliance Order Alpha”. Damned if I knew what that meant. The Dwarf soon came from the other room.

“Are you ready to begin?”

“Sure, why the hell not”

“Can you summon a portion of your essence?” I tried to envision what I was doing. Find some way to induce a flashback. I focused and, then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could feel my consciousness slipping away as I immersed myself in my memory. It didn’t happen before, so this must have been a special memory in some way.

“But, Master, I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough to force it, it just happens” It was my voice, but not mine as I know it. I was back to being a child.

“Focus your mind, envision your goal, and focus on your memories. Through this you will be able to summon your essence”

“Fire is so much easier”

“That’s because it is controlled by a single emotion, whereas essence is controlled by all your emotions” That voice, it was the same as on the phone, it wasn’t the master. My body whipped around to face a beautiful girl, blond haired, blue eyes, glowing with an internal radiance and holding a small orb of the purest silver. “Do you see my essence? Is it not beautiful?”

“Fucking lovely”

“Focus, Both of you. Damien, give it another attempt. Focus on the predominant emotions and allow them to flow through you” I focused, as he said to do, and took every emotion that was bottled up. Pure hatred at a society that doesn’t accept me because I started off poor, not nobility, but was so powerful. Despair, at the realization that normalcy would never enter my life again. Love, for the people, my people. My three predominant emotions rolled into a little ball. Then, to really bring it to life, a memory, I couldn’t think of one and felt the power fading from my grasp. Then, abruptly I remembered the torment I endured before people realized my power. The beatings from police because I was asking for a coin, the nobility who gave me nothing in exchange for my life. As if a switch had been flicked, power surged through me. In my hands formed a black ball, rough like sandpaper and covered in small spikes and irregularities. 

“It is good that you have been able to manifest your essence, but I must caution you now to never use it in public. Both of you, as it shows who you are to the depths of your soul. Anyone who looks at an orb can see your whole life summed up in front of them.” His voice slowly faded into the background.

“Hey, are you awake?”

“Say, what?”

“You were out for a moment or two there, he asked if you could summon an orb of essence.”

“Yeah, I can, but you can’t look at it. I don’t want you knowing that much about me. Actually, scrap that, look into it and tell me what you see.”

“Oh, okay, you understand it is normally a very personal thing.”

“I’ll deal, plus we’ll never see each other again, so, what the hell?” I focused on those emotions, those memories from the flashback. I hadn’t seen the magic while conscious yet, so I must say it was a disturbing sight. Tendrils of dark mist flowed from my temples and down my arms to coalesce in an orb between my outstretched hands. I held it up to my face, peering into it and seeing nothing. Clearly, however, whatever was visible disturbed Angela.

“Bring it lower, so I may see it” commented the dwarf.

“Oh, yes, sorry about that”

“Your name is Damien, not nobility, so no last name. You grew up on the southern tip of the northern isles, where most mages comes from. You were raised on the streets, until 10 years of age, where you were noted by the Mage’s guild. You were subsequently expelled at 17 years of age, just weeks prior to the termination of your training, but after completing all the power tests. You are at full strength, for a mage of your caliber. At age 20, you were bitten by a vampire, this would have been roughly 300 years ago. You were a killer for hire, until an incident wipes your memory for about 3 days. The rest was blocked by an amnesia spell, thus you can’t remember it. I can fix it, but to do that I need a link to your childhood”

“Well, one should be coming, if my logic is right. What is Compliance Order Alpha?” An audible gasp came from Angela’s mouth.

“Where did you hear that?”

“On the phone, you were speaking with someone I knew from childhood about it”

“You Bastard!!!” Screamed Angela “And to think we trusted you!!!”

“Someone, Explain! NOW!”

“Certainly, dear friend” I whipped in the direction of Angela to find a woman wrapped around her, holding a vicious looking blade to her throat. “Compliance Order Alpha refers to the presence of a high power individual slated for death by the Mage’s guild, thus they send me, an Angel class mage, the only one currently in existence”

“Let me guess, Light and Essence”

“Right in one”

“And, you are here to kill me”

“Two for two”

“We trained together as children”

“Three for three, not bad for an amnesiac”

“What’s your name?”

“Eh, too bad, but that’s not happening anytime soon, Damien”

“Stop this, Helios, don’t harm Angela” came a voice from the dwarf

“Helios, such a beautiful name” I felt a pop in my mind, and a sudden influx of memories.

“Curse you, Dwarf. You had to break the spell didn’t you?”

“Only to get your attention, release Angela and flee, because you have one pissed off Incinerator standing here. The rest of your team outside of the building too”

“All right, I’ll release her, goodbye Damien, we will meet again” I was just beginning to recover my senses from the memory overload as Helios slit Angela’s throat, dropping her to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I rushed towards her as I heard Helios say,

“Destroy them, scour the ruins when you are done, and make sure they are wiped clean”

I stood over Angela’s nearly lifeless body, mourning the loss of a dear friend, as a nuclear holocaust was prepared against us outside. My instinct knew what I had to do, I had seen what no others had when I peered into the orb of my essence. Something that only now I recognized, something to live for, something to thank the person who saved my soul for. I knew what I needed to do to repay her sacrifice, for it was a sacrifice that she had made just by talking to me. I bit her, drained her of her essence, knowing full well it would return. It gave me power, Unimaginable power.

To you I say

Death is but a new beginning

Today, I pray

Let these fires consume your soul

Along your way

About me they will be singing

In your bed lay

In my heart as black as coal

I mourn today

Let the Holocaust begin

The End

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