Incest(adam levine)chapter 44Mature

Ok im freaking out.its 2 days before the talent show and im not ready.Donnovon and Tyler our helping me practice.

"So dim that spotlight,tell me things like I...cant take my eyes off of you"

"that sounded bad didnt it?""what no,that was amazing!"I took a drink of my water and paced a little."Kourtney that was great,dont worry you'll be fine"Donnovon tried telling me."What if im not?"I asked.Maybe im too worried?"you sound fine and plus you have to practice with Adam yet so listen to what he says".Thats right im going to Adam's today so I can practice.Speak of the devil here he comes in the driveway."Bye guys""bye"

"So dim that spotlight,tell me things like I...cant take my eyes off of you.Im no one special just another wide eyed girl,who des-""Wait I dont want to hear anymore!"Adam screamed at me."Was it bad?""No amazing,i dont want you sing the whole song here""oh"

"Can I ask you something?"Adam asked."Yeah?""Why did you choose this song?""Um I like it"I couldnt tell Adam that this song is about him because it is."Is there a meaning?"I kinda stopped talking."Kourtney?""yes,theres a meaning""what is it?"I looked up at Adam whose hazel eyes were staring in on me."You Adam the songs about you."Adam looked confused so I did something that will confuse him more...I kissed him.

The End

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