Incest(adam levine)chapter 43Mature

"So your gonna be in the Talent Show?"I jumped a little of the sound of Adam's voice.He was standing in the doorway with sandwhichs in his hands."Um yeah,I guess so"He came and sat next to me putting my sand which infront of me."Yeah and your singing,following in my footsteps young one?""Nahh,I like to find my own path".

"So what are you going to sing?""I really havent thought about it yet"It was true,I needed to pick a song yet."You could sing one of my songs"Adam suggested with his eyebrows."Dont be cocky,Levine""Hey your a Levine too,sweethart,so I wouldnt be talking"

The rest of the time we laughed while finishing our food.

"Soooo,am I invited to this shindig?"Adam asked."You mean the talent show,oh yeah ummm sure,why not"Great now everyone will be hounding him."yayyy,thanks Kourt,your the best!"Adam then engulfed me in a big hug."Yeah anytime...anytime"

The End

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