Incest(adam levine)chapter 42Mature

Its now the weekend and im still wondering who told her the info on my dad showing up.Im currently at Adam's house.Adam is in the kitchen making us lunch and Im on the couch playing with my phone,when it rang.It is my best friend Angelina.

"Hey,whats up?"

"Nuthin,just chilling at Adam's house"

"ohhhh your hot superstar uncle's house.The lead singer of maroon 5,with all the sexy tato-"

"Is there a reason you called me?"

"Oh yeah,I wanted to know if you signed up for the talent show?"

"The talent show?Um yeah I did Friday""ok good,are you singing?""No im juggling three rabbits while I pick my nose!Of course im singing!""Ok jeez,you dont have to be stingy about it""Bye Angelina" I said hanging up.I sighed and laided back on the couch

The End

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