Incest(adam levine)chapter 41Mature

Once again the torture of a Monday rolled around again.I walked down the hall of the school to my first period.Wow are hallways are boring...just posters of pencils saying "work hard".Some about summer school,after-school activites,the talent show sign ups do tuesday,honors brunches WAIT!talent show sign ups due tuesday,thats tomorrow.Ugh great now I have to find the stupid handout.Good thing there is a bucket of them under the photo:-)."Hey,you signing up?"I whirled up and ran into Donnovan."Oh um yeah""Cool,ill be cheering you on in the crowd""Greeeaaa....ttttttt"I muttered as he walked away.

Boringggggg...ELA is so stupid,why do we even need it?.Plus the teacher is so annoying.Her name is Mrs.Laspen.She always says 'class please look up here,so I know that your doing active listening'Shes stupid too.I kind of dazed off when she was talking about when,what,who(etc.).I started dreaming about Adam.How sweet he is,how beautiful his eyes are and how his arms are so tight and warm around m-"Kourtney,could you please explain what I just said"I looked up to see Mrs.Laspen glaring at me."When"I told her,I wasnt going to elaborate on it."Just now,whats the conversation we had?""When""Kourtney we dont have time for jokes""You were talking about when!"I screamed."I dont like your atitude,I might have to send you to the office."What a jerk,id use another word but in against swearing.Then the phone rang and turns out its for me.Yay.

I walked to the office where they moved me too the guidance counseler.Im as confused as you."Kourtney I hear you have been having problems with your dad,mostly at your mothers birthday right?""Um yeah alittle but im alright""Ok I just want you to know im hear to help you ok?""Mhmmm"

Who could have told her this?

The End

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