Incest(adam levine)chapter 40Mature

So I kinda just fell to the floor.Tears started coming out and down my face.Warm arms lifted me to my knees and wrapped their arms around me burying my head in their chest.Of course it was Adam he was the only one who would do this.My tears soaked his white shirt.

"Im so sorry" he said rocking us."Its not your fauultt"I barely get out."I know I just dont know what to say.I didnt think he would ever show up again in our lives""I think hes a big jerk"I said."He was and still is.When your mom was with him he would hit her sometimes,shed never admit it but we could see the marks""He hit her"I said shocked"Yes that why I dont want you with him,just in case""But Adam what if wins the case and gets to keep me.Ill be with hi  in his house alone and what if I do something wrong and he hits me."Hes not gonna win the case"Adam said confindently"But what if he does?" I argued."If by some chance he does win then well figure it out cause your not staying with him EVER!!!"Adam said."I dont want to lose you"he added.I finally looked up at him seeing a single tear roll down his cheek

"Adam"I say reaching up to brush it away."Thank you"I say"For what?" he asked confused."Forevery thing I feel like since you came back from tour you ve been more helpful.I mean nobody else in this family wouuld get down here on the floor and let me cry to there shirt""I do this because I care about you"we just sat there for a couple minutes just holding each other,afraid to let go."Come on lets have some cake"Adam said standing up pulling with him.We walked to the kitchen with Adam's arn around me.

The End

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