Incest (adam levine)chapter 39Mature

The next minutes of my life were confusing ones.

Adam's arm was still around me and I was leaning into it.The doorbell had rang and one of my mom's friends answered.A tall man with brown hair and brown eyes was standing at the door."Terra it's for you!"The friend called.My mother walked into the room and the guy walked in."John?"John when I heard the name my world sopped.John as in my father John?."Terra"he said everyone in the house was now in this room watching this happen."What are you doing here?"My mom asked."My daughter"he said loudly.Me he was talking about me.I felt Adam's warm arm tighten around me as we watched."Your daughter shes my daughter,I raised her!"My mom yelled."Maybe so but im her father and I deserve to be able to see her,youve kept me from her!!!"he yelled."Ive kept you from her!!!You wanted nothing to do with her or me the minute you found out about her!!!"This upset me my father not wanting me ."I still want nothing to do with you but I want to with her" he said

I knew this was my time to come in.I stepped off the couch and Adam's arm.Adam's face filled with shock but I stepped out further behind my so called dad."Want what with me?"I said scaring h

im.He turned ."Hi sweetheart"he said ."My names Kourtney""Well Hi Kourtney,im your dad."It seems so ive heard alot about you""Look,kid I know I havent been around and I didnt want you but now I do..""Why Now?Why not then?""I just wasnt ready then""Look John im thankful for your offer but-""Come on kid you need a father""NO I DONT!!!Iv lasted this long im sure ill be fine.""Ya know what fine your just scum like your mom anyway but im not gonna give up.Im just gonna keep on going with this to annoy you guys.Bye Terra ill see you in court.Kourtney ill see you soon too"Then he slammed the front door shut and left.All my mom's friends ran over to comfort her.I well i wasnt sure what to do So I kinda just fell to the f

The End

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