incest(adam levine)chapter 38Mature

"Hey party people!!!"I shout entering the door."Hey they all responded'"Look its the daughter of the birthday girl"My aunt Bridget said to me holding her baby Amanda."Well yeah im not your daughter and not Adam's daughter so.....I guess your right!".I drop my stuff off in my room and head downstairs.Apparently I was wrong when I said family party.Mom has all her friends from work here which is like  11 other people and they are all dancing to the music I put on.To be precise Justin beiber's Beauty and a Beat with Nicki minaj.

To get away from that rush I went and sat on the couch next to Amanda who was sleping in a crib like thing.Im surprised she can sleep with this noise.I felt the weight sink next to me on the couch."Hey kiddo"It was Adam.I suddenly got a little nervous."Hey""What are you doing?""Im observing the baby""Yeah shes cute aint she""I suppose,not as cute as me though"I know what your thinking,an13 year old jealous of a 2 year oldbut hey it happens."Wow that wasnt Cocky at all"Adam said laughing.I joined his laughter but after awhile it got tiring."Sorry I just dont want her to take my place"I said looking down at her."Kourtney,Kourtney,Kourtney"Adam said putting an arm around my shoulder getting me tense.He spoke again."Nobody could ever take your place"I smiled up at him show ing him my pearly whites while he did the same.

The next minutes of my lif

The End

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