incest(adam levine)chapter 37Mature

'Bring!bring!bring!'The finale bell of the day just ended which means its time to ride the buses home.I headed to my bus number 150.I sat in my seat which Donnovon was sitting in too."Hey""Hi""Look Kourtney,I hope we didnt get you in trouble with the whole sneak into Adam's house thing"What was he apologizing for,its not like it was his plan?"Nah,mom doesnt even know and Adam cant really get mad at me  besides I got to see my text from Bryan"I said smiling."Did you ever text him back""Nope but I told about how we went to rescue my phone and he said it was alright"

Then Tyler got and sat on the outside of the seat next to us.''Hey Tyler"I said."Hi whats up""Nothing much but the sky"I answered jokingly."Hahahha"he said sarcastically."So Kourtney were having spagetti for dinner do you want to come over and eat with us,we know thats your favorite thing to eat"Tyler asked."Number 1 my fav thing to eat is mac and cheese and number 2,its my mom's birthday  and were celebrating tonight"I sayThen Donnovon says "Oh yeah I remember your mom havig at birthday around this time of the year but like lasy year"."Yeah um it kinda of a yearly event"I said awkwardly"Yeah"

A couple minutes after we arrived at our bus stop and got off.There were already cars in my driveway for the party yeah!

The End

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