Incest(adam levine)chapter 36Mature

2 days later...

Wow its been a long week.After the 'lets sneak into adam's house' thing ive been exhausted.At least Adam wasnt mad but he could really never be mad at me.Its finally the month of March.March is a busy month for our family because of the birthdays in it.On the 18th its Adam's birthday.March 22nd is my friend Saige's birthday who is a close friend so we have to attend her party and March 11th,which is tomorrow,is my mom's birthday.The family is getting together and were having just a regular birthday party.Plus just some of the family including my mom,me,Adam,Bridget,And Bridget's daughter Amanda,who is only 2.

Im pretty sure that's everyone but were just gonna eat junk food and tell embarrassing storiees about my mom.

After watching American idol,which isnt nearly as good as The Voice,I wwent up to my room so I could sleep for school tomorrow.Honestly I just have a good feeling about tomorrow.

The End

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