Incest(adam levine)chapter 35Mature

"Um hi Adam,what are you doing here?""I live here,what are you doing here,ALL of you doing here?""Adam stepped back and let us out of the closet to explain our selves."Ha Adam I know you live here but why are you back so early I thought you had a date with Anne?""I did,it was a short date,now back to my question,why are you here?"We all looked at each other wondering who sould go first.

"Im waiting""Huh alright"I started."Um I lost my phone and I think that it is here so we came to get it"I said pointing to Tyler and Donnovon."You did leave your phone here,I brought it with me so I could return it to you after the date but someone wont stop texting you and making that buzz noise go off and Anne got annoyed by it,so the date was cut short"How sweet he was gonna bring it back to me:-)"Sorry about your date being cut sho-wait did you say someone would'nt stop texting me?""Yeah"

"Give me my phone!!!!"I pretty much yelled as Adam shuffled a hand in his pocket digging for it."Here"he said tossing it to me.I quickly opened my messages to see a new number.I hit it.The first text said'Hey Kourtney its Bryan Smith just wanted to say hi'The other one said'I see your busy ill see u at school-Bryan.S'"Ahhhh Oh My God Bryan Smith just said hi to me""That great I guess,I dont know who he is but im still wondering why your here James?"Adam asked."Hes a Full House addict"Adam gave us a look of disbelief."You know what im going to bed,Im giving you premission to stay here,Oh wait nevermind I guess you dont need my permission to just come in my house seeing you already do that!!!"Adam hollered walking up the stairs and shutting his bedroom door.My only thought was that THE Bryan Smith had texted me.

The End

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