Incest(adam levine)chapter 34Mature

The theme song for Full House was on.Everything was silent for about 7 minutes.I guess someone said something funny on Tv because Adam burst out laughing like he was gonna die.Then I realized,thats not Adam's laugh.I opened the door just a crack to peek out.On the couch,in Adam Levine's house watching Full house was James Valentine(guitarist of Maroon 5).I opened the door wide while it creaked and scared James off the couch."James what are you doing here?"I asked.Donnovon and Tyler standing at my sides."Kourtney what are you doing here?

"I am looking for my phone so I can text this really cute guy,now back to you?""Well ..i..sorta"What""Um""James spill everything" he groaned and sat up."My girlfriend,Vanessa,hates  Full House and has banned me from watching it at home so everytime Adam goes out I come here and watch it.please dont tell him or Vanessa."he says fastly."Why Full House?""Because I am a full house freak,its like I cant get enough of it.And Becky,shes beautiful.Full House is my psycological problem but its also my drug.Its just so good!!!!""Wow""We wont tell anyone,if you dont tell Adam that were here""Deal!""Ok we really need to find my ph-""Adam's back!!!""What?""Come on"

We moved back into the closet with James,thinking it would not be used.Adam came in(Or a least I hope its him)and shut the door.I heard him walk toward the closet.Next thing I knew the door was open and Adam was staring in shock at the 4 of us

The End

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