Incest(adam levine)chapter 33Mature

"Donnovon,you check the kitchen and downstairs bathroom,Ill look upstairs""Ok"We split up and the search was on.The first place I checked was Adam's room knowing that I slept there.I looked under the covers,in the desk,in the closet,on the stand,under the bed,in the pillowcases but I never found it.I left Adam's room and was walking down the hallway to see if the other guys found anything when I passed the closet.I was in there for a little while maybe its there?

As I was turning the knob Donnovon yelled up to me"Kourtney!Someones here"Adam he must be back early.I ran down the stairs to the window where a car was pulling in."Ok guys follow me."I ran  to the coat closet next to the door and they followed,when we were in it I closed the door."Kourtney what is this room?""Its the coat closet""WHAT!!!why would you go here,dont you think Adam will come and put his coat in here and see us""Donnovon relax,people with coat closets dont ever really use them they just have it so they can rub it into other peoples faces""Oh""Shhhh"I said putting my ear to the door.

Adam had just walked in and slammed the door.Maybe things disnt go well with Anne?His feet moved across the floor to what I think was the couch.I heard the Tv turn on.

The End

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